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Meet Our Staff

Executive Bishop OSJ (UK)

Rt Rev Ian Walton

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Assistant Bishop OSJ (Wales)

Rt Rev David Bennett


Bishop's Chaplain

Safeguarding Officer

Fr. Kevin Wright

Priest in Charge St Leonard's Chapel


Bishop's Secretary

Safeguarding Officer

Fr. David Startup


Editorial Team

Fr. Ed Elsey

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OSJ (UK) Administration


Structurally, nothing complicated. The Order has an executive bishop (+Ian), an assistant bishop (+David Bennett), and an Executive Council made up of OSJ (UK) members, who collectively direct the overall ministry and organization of the Order. Their role is simply to make ministry possible. 


The Order's 'Rule of Simplicity', its governing document, is more about vision and attitude, about what you can do rather than what you can't do.  We expect great things of our members given this responsibility.

We want members to succeed in the things God has entrusted them to do, if necessary authorising ministry perhaps not recognised by local churches.


That is it other than making sure we comply with current safeguarding requirements - OSJ (UK) has two appointed safeguarding officers.

OSJ (UK) Authentic Episcopal Succession

For those for whom it matters (and it really doesn't matter in the big scheme of things), the Order's Episcopal lines of succession are complete and unbroken. Some of these lines go back to St Peter and St Paul, but more importantly for us, one goes back to St James, the brother of Our Lord and the first bishop of Jerusalem.


We express and demonstrate our faith in the same practical terms expressed in the Epistle of St James, simply and openly and through ministry grounded in Christ.  





Being Episcopal ensures OSJ (UK) has a useful organisational structure but it is not hierarchical in the traditional sense.  All members (including our bishops) are part of the same team, none being more important or less than any other member, and each having their own individual gifts, talents and skills that contribute to make the whole.

How OSJ (UK) is funded

OSJ (UK) is neither 'funding focussed' nor holds or handles funds.  All of its members are volunteers and give of their time and resources quite freely to deliver ministry where it is needed and when it is needed. 


Individual members take responsibility (organizational/financial/spiritual) for individual projects.  In essence, OSJ (UK) is self funding and deals with its own running costs.


OSJ (UK) is an independent body and receives no funding from any groups, organizations, Government bodies or from charities.  This means that it can remain truly independent and free from outside influence.

For clarity, OSJ (UK) is not a charity nor wishes to become one.  Whilst we are happy to offer many forms of ministry, support and encouragement, please do not request financial help from our members.

OSJ (UK) Publications

OSJ (UK) does produce and publish books, booklets, newsletters and also has a large number of audio files for use.  Mostly this is for internal use but there is a growing need for developing a broader public faith centred interface and dialogue.


OSJ (UK) set up a small internal media unit a number of years ago working under the title of 'One Eyed Cat Media' (it's a long story!) and uses 'Book Publishing UK', a subsidiary of 'Bonica', for a lot of its small to medium print run needs if material cannot be produced 'in house'.  That is not to say it is the only company we use but they produce a good quality product which is very good value.


OSJ (UK) also makes some of its published material available for digital download for personal use but it retains all rights and ownership.  


Some books. booklets and pamphlets are already available on this website via the 'downloads' page.


Apart from theological, sacramental and liturgical work, ministry guides and the like, we have been experimenting with the concept of Christian novels and books, etc., and a limited number of books have been published to assess whether this is an effective means of introducing the faith to those who perhaps might be seeking something 'more substantial and meaningful in life' than they are currently reading.

The Consecration of + David at St Leonard's Chapel, Hazlewood.

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The Order of St James (UK)

Serving Christ and community.

Faith and works.


Terms and conditions apply - see 'Legal'

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