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Legal: - web site visitor information basics

By visiting this web site you unconditionally accept our terms and conditions.  They are as follows:-


We have no wish to offend, only to inform, but as an Orthodox Christian web site,  we realise that we hold views and opinions that others with different life styles and having made different life choices may find challenging, personally distressing or even offensive.   If you think you may be negatively affected by the traditional, biblically based and orthodox Christian content of this web site, you should exit this web site immediately.   

You are under no obligation to visit this web site, any of its pages or download any material made available, and you do so voluntarily and entirely of your own free will and at your own risk. 


Responsibility for continuance lies solely with you.   As due warning regarding content has been clearly stated we will not and do not accept responsibility for the consequences of your own actions or choices . 


Regarding our faith, practices and beliefs, they, along with those of many other religious groups, are defined legally as 'protected characteristics' under the Human Rights Act.  This is the very same Act that protects your right to freely make your own life style choices and to hold and express whatever beliefs, views and opinions you feel are appropriate to you, whether religious or not, so long as they remain lawful.  

The content held on this web site and any related downloadable material is either copyright or the intellectual property of the contributors and image providers, and as such may not be copied, reproduced, transmitted, etc., without permission.

If you choose to continue to view other pages of this web site and/or download material, we hope that you will find them informative and educational, and that they will be of lasting benefit to you.

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