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OSJ (UK) Basics

OSJ (UK):  4 Key Theological Principles

Orthodoxy:  OSJ (UK) uncompromisingly supports the traditional orthodox and scripturally based views of marriage, gender and sexuality, the sanctity of life, the protection of the unborn child, the inclusive communion of saints, and a faith based on a personal relationship with God backed up by sound bible teaching directed by the Holy Spirit. 


Authority:  In accordance with the teachings of the bible, OSJ (UK) also believes 'there is (only) one Church and Christ is its head,' (1 Corinthians 12) and that as a consequence no single church or organization can rightfully claim exclusive authentication, representation, knowledge, authority, precedence, primacy or superiority over other churches or Christian communities. 

Ministry:  Also in accordance with the teachings of the bible, OSJ (UK) believes that each and every person is entrusted with the stewardship of a unique set of gifts, talents and skills for the benefit of the community they are a part of and that they are to be used freely and responsibly for the benefit of all.  We encourage what God has authored.  There are no such things as 'greater' or 'lesser' ministries - all of them matter and carry equal importance.


Free Will:  'Free will', the ability and freedom to choose between right and wrong, good and evil, is also a Gift of God, and guided by faith and conscience, is to be used wisely and without selfishness, for we will be called to account if any of the gifts we are entrusted with are mis-used or abused.   Privilege come with responsibility, not immunity, and we shall all be judged according to our actions and motives.

OSJ (UK):  12 Key Principles of Operation

OSJ (UK) is a self-determining and independent

Christian community without denominational ties.

OSJ (UK) is not sponsored or funded by any other

organisations and is free from outside politics and



OSJ (UK) operates under a simple set of guidelines

expressed and formulated in the OSJ 'Rule of Simplicity'.  

All OSJ (UK) members are self funding Christian

volunteers who serve the community they live and

work in.  

All OSJ (UK) members are expected to deal with need

where they see it.  It is not 'someone else's problem'.

OSJ (UK) is an Episcopal Order and has bishops but

they hold no privilege or entitlement over other members.


OSJ (UK) can and does 'train and ordain' where there is

sufficient evidence of calling and existing ministry.

OSJ (UK) is a catholic (for all) community, proactive,

wholly Christian, Spirit led and biblically orthodox.


With OSJ (UK), what you see is what you get. 


OSJ (UK) has nothing to hide and has no secret agendas.


Membership of OSJ (UK) costs nothing.  Members' time

and commitment are more than enough.

OSJ (UK) will not ask you to give up membership of

the church or worshipping community you belong to. 

You can belong to both providing you do not feel your

faith or conscience have been compromised.

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The Order of St James (UK)

Serving Christ and community.

Faith and works.


Terms and conditions apply - see 'Legal'

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